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We have used Learn 2 Excel for many years, we continually go back to them for our training needs as the courses is easy to navigate, informative and they have a quick turn around time from placing the order to... Read More

Scientists say books are better than screens for learning

 Republished from the World Economic Forum Written by Patricia A. Alexander, Professor of Psychology, University of Maryland, University of Maryland Lauren M. Singer, Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Psychology, University of Maryland, University of Maryland This article is published in... Read More

How to access health and social care distance learning courses

These courses are intended to equip staff with skills and knowledge needed in a wide range of care environments. Gaining an understanding of what is involved with working within the health and social care sector.... Read More

How to obtain the skills for care

For those working or considering working in the care sector, as well as a aptitude and passion for helping others, it is crucial to obtain the correct skills for care knowledge sets.... Read More

What is sova safeguarding of vulnerable adults in the Care environment

SOVA stands for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults (It was previously known as POVA or protecting vulnerable people or adults.)... Read More

All care staff who prepare food should undertake a basic nutrition course

The Basic Nutrition course needs to cover what constitutes a healthy diet and what food groups promote healthy eating in old age. This will extend to fluids and vitamins and minerals and so on to menu planning and factors to... Read More

What are the Fire safety procedures in a care home?

Fire safety in any premises is important, however fire safety procedures in a care home where vulnerable occupants are involved is vital.... Read More

How long does a food hygiene certificate last for a Care Home

Food hygiene certificates should ideally be renewed every three years which is best practice in the UK although certificates don't have an expiry date. Care home staff who work with food handling should have up to date knowledge of food... Read More